Zero to Hundreds of Saffron Mechanization is Built Inside the Iran

Kambiz Abbasi – Deputy Minister of Agriculture Organization- said: Since the main house of saffron is in Iran, Its machinery should domestic prediction from zero to hundred.

Business Service- Kambiz Abbasi (head of mechanization center and deputy minister of agriculture organization) stated about the mechanization in the saffron production department in country: since the main house of saffron is in Iran, we should certainly produce its machinery in Iran.

Tejarat News reported- he added: we have set up a special project to plant saffron in Iran in recent 2 or 3 years which great producers have walked forward for doing it. One of the significant producers does the planting of this product by saffron bulb planter in Khorasan Razavi province.

Abbasi explained: this machine has been evaluated and is approved. It can be said that near 80 percent of Khorasan Razavi saffron farms are being planted mechanized.

Head of mechanization center explained: we don’t face any problem in the field of saffron cultivation and we have been able to build these machines with the supervision and assistance of the agriculture organization and offer them to saffron farmers at a very reasonable price.

He said about harvesting saffron: we still face problems in the field of saffron harvesting. Some significant machinery builders came to Iran from Spain and Italy and we negotiated with them. They had meetings with private sector craftsmen and we are designing a joint project for building saffron harvesting machinery.

Abbasi pointed to the machines which separate saffron stamen and flower and said: we have made good progress about the last stage machines which divides saffron from its flower.

A domestic builder in Khorasan Razavi province built a machine which divide the saffron stamen from its flower and this machine has been localization. It’s possible to say we had a mutation in saffron industry that will be completed in 2018.

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