Transparency of Prices By Offering Saffron on Stock Exchange

A capital market expert said: offering saffron on stock exchange cause prices to be real and transparent.

Homayoun Darabi, capital market expert, expressed: Creation of stable liquidity process for producer and supplier is the purpose of offering saffron on the stock exchange which this can help supplying this product and cycle of economics.

Tejarat News reported: He continued: each good and product which enter to stock exchange have its special advantages which this subordinated to quality and offering of this product.

Darabi emphasized that offering saffron on stock exchange can keep away dealers and added: by entering saffron to stock exchange its price will get real and fair. But unfortunately in recent years some people price saffron in their own benefit.

This capital market expert said: saffron is an agricultural product which gain a good position in the international arena, so entering this product to stock exchange can be beneficial for producer.

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