Saffron Syrup

Cold and delicious drinks are so pleasant in hot seasons of the year. We lose lots of our body’s water in hot days due to high body transpiration and it’s necessary to compensate this water shortage by drinking lots of water.

As you know, body dehydration cause many problems and these side effects are very dangerous for infants and elderlies. Body dehydration cause fatigue and depression, reduce appetite, increase blood concentration, reduce body function and activity capacity and it also cause extreme dryness of the skin.

Increasing blood concentration which is one of the most dangerous side effects, cause blood clotting which increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke, therefore drinking lots of water is necessary in hot days of the year. But if you can’t drink a lot of water, you can use different drinks instead.

Among different drinks that exist, natural drinks without chemical an unnatural ingredients are the best choices and between them we suggest home-made drinks because you are sure they’re healthy.

Drinking nourishing and traditional drinks has been common in Iran from too many years ago and still many of these drinks are using.

One of the best Iranian traditional drinks is saffron juice.

Saffron syrup

One of these traditional and very delicious drinks is saffron juice which we want to offer the method of preparing it.

Ingredients you need are ½ tablespoon of ground saffron, 3 tablespoon of rosewater, half a liter of water and enough amount of sugar.

First put a small saucepan on the stove, pour the water in it and wait until it boils, then reduce the heat and add sugar slowly and stir until sugar dissolve in water. Then add saffron ground and stir until saffron dissolve in water and sugar. In the last step add rosewater and stir. About 15 minutes later your syrup will reach a good density, but pay attention that you should stand this whole time with it to make sure it won’t get wishy-washy or too thick.

Then put the saucepan somewhere else and let it chill out. Now your syrup is ready. Fill 1/3 of a glass with this syrup then add water and ice and stir. Now enjoy it.

You can add chia seeds to your saffron juice which has excellent taste and make it more beautiful and nutrient.

First you should put chia seeds in water for five minutes. After they cover with a jelly liquid around them you get them out of water and pour it to your saffron juice glass. Bon appetite.

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