There is No Problem with Saffron Exportation in Iran

Vice president of Iran’s saffron national council stated: fluctuation of exchange rate doesn’t have any effect on saffron exportation, and added: export of saffron has been doing on a regular basis.

Gholamreza Miri stated about this discussed topic that fluctuation of exchange rate has been effective on saffron exportation: the exportation which has been done doesn’t relate to currency, because we can’t enter the currency into the country so buyers companies pay the bought goods by Toman.

Tejarat News reported, he added: thus exportation doesn’t have any problem and has been doing on a regular basis.

Vice president of saffron national council said about red gold: During previous days the price of saffron has been stable and now each kilogram of this product costs 32,500,000 IRR and its maximum price is 55,000,000 IRR. (Convert IRR to USD)

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