Saffron Exportation

Exportation of 170 Million USD of Saffron from Khorasan Razavi Province

Economic affairs coordination general manager of provincial governorate:

Exportation of 170 million dollars of saffron from Khorasan Razavi province.

Economic affairs coordination general manager of Khorasan Razavi provincial said: the value of saffron exportation from the province has been 170 million dollars during the first 7 months of this year.

Ali Rasoulian said: 137800 person are active in saffron production field which if added to their family members, it will be 680000 person in Khorasan. On the other hand, from 205 saffron processing units of the country, 121 of them are active in Khorasan Razavi, which 1500 person are working in these units.

He added: during the first 7 months of current year 122 tons of saffron worth 170 million dollars has exported, which has grown 42 percent in weight and 43 percent in value compared to the similar time duration in the last year. On the other hand 90/4 percent of growth in weight and 95/5 percent in value of saffron export belong to Khorasan Razavi.

Rasoulian said it is predicted 310 tons of saffron will be harvested in this province in the current year.

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